The Actors Group / TAG Studio

2813 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank,  CA  91505

Major cross street Hollywood Way and Buena Vista

Smaller cross street Catalina and Florence

Studio located at rear of The Actors Group Studio

Entrance located at rear of building off ally.  Enter through Ally Off Catalina and park in parking lot 2813


Do you use Studio or Natural Light?
I use natural light for actor headshots.

Do I need a makeup artist?
The trend in the industry is toward a very natural look, however that doesn't mean you can get by with your everyday makeup.  You can do your own make up if you like but I highly recommend a professional.  Having our headshots done is a big commitment and you want to look at your best. 
For women, the stylist will talk to you before the shoot, understand how you normally wear your makeup, and translate that style to on-camera. The stylist understands that this is not a glamour fashion shoot ... the focus is on the real you. And you are ALWAYS in control and can request changes at any time.

For men, a stylist is equally important and will focus on grooming.  Digital photos show a lot of detail so its important that someone is checking on the small things.  For men, we like very natural skintones (keeping a rugged look) so use very little makeup, but will use it to cover blemishes, smoothing out red areas/razor burn/acne scars, and adding powder so you don't shine.  Makeup should never be visible in a men's headshot, it should always be very natural.


We will have you come to the shoot with your hair styled as you normally wear it, then the stylist can help you with the finishing touches, taming fly away hairs, adding body, etc.  While we are shooting, the stylist will be right there with us and she can play with your hair to give it some variations and keep it looking great. This is VITAL for long hair because subtle changes in your hair can make drastic differences in the look and feel of your photo. If you are doing multiple looks, the stylist can assist you with a hair change in between looks, if you would like.  

Other Assistance

In addition to makeup application, the stylist provides other services ... she will consult on clothing choices that complement your skintones; even steam, pin, and lint-roller clothing, when needed. She will stay close by while we are shooting and make sure your hair and clothing are laying right, staying in place, and are flattering. This allows you and Natalie to focus getting the right mood and emotion without worrying about your shirt collar or fly away hairs!

Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?

Do you shoot Digital or 35mm?

How long does it take?
A typical 3-look session with me takes 3-4 hours on average, but I can work within any time frame.  I just don’t like to rush you.

How many people do you shoot in a day?
I only shoot one person per day.

What is a “look?”
Specifically, we consider a 'look' to mean an 'outfit' or single wardrobe selection (although I will shoot a variety of expressions, angles and poses within each look.  Take a look at the One person/different look Portfolio to see examples of how you can vary your looks to match your casting potential. Not sure which package is right for you?  Call the studio for a free consultation and we can help you decide.

A look is a change in wardrobe, hair /makeup, and overall setup.

I’m not sure what “looks” to do?
No problem check a detailed list of looks on our About the shoot page on the website.

Do you do consultations?
Yes we can have an in person consultation or phone or email.  Whatever your comfortable with. 

How many images will I get?
There is no set number.  I keep shooting until we get EVERYTHING you need.

How long before I get my photos?
Within 7 days.

How long for retouches?
1-4 business days.  

What do I need to bring?
Several wardrobe choices. (You don’t need to bring  your entire closet, but just have options).  If you’re doing your own hair & makeup, then bring whatever products and styling tools you might need.   And guys should bring a decent razor if you want to shave between looks.

Do I own the rights to my photos?
Absolutely.  You bought ‘em, they’re yours.  All I ask is photo credit if they get published.

I’m brand new to this can you help? 

Yes! If you are a new actor and trying to find your way, no worries ... we can walk you through the entire headshot process from start to finish, including getting 8x10's reproduced.

We encourage you to ask us any questions because that is how you will learn, so with us there is no such thing as a stupid question! We can also give you advice on how to get started, how to market yourself, what classes you might want to consider, etc.

Our goal is to help you get out there and act! Drop us an email and let us know your questions. 


Payment & Reschedule Policies

A $50 deposit is required to book your headshot session. If your shoot date's just around the corner from your booking date, don't worry - we'll work something out that makes sense. You can pay online using Credit card via PayPal.com.  I will send you paypal ID when you book. The balance is due on the date of your shoot. I'll accept cash (yep - you'll have a receipt), and checks with ID for the balance due. If you opt for the make-up & hair stylist's service, payment must be made directly to her at the time of service.

It's a good idea for you to book out from 1st auditions on the day of your shoot. In this business, things pop up. The goal's to book great jobs, after all.

If you'd give me 24 hours heads-up you need to postpone or cancel (if you have opted for professional makeup and hair, 48 hours notice is requested), we'll be in good shape & I can reschedule your shoot. If I've got less than a full day's notice, your deposit's non-refundable. If you postpone your shoot date more than once and then do not reschedule at that time, your deposit is non-refundable. Please note that these guidelines are in place because of the value of our mutual commitment to your shoot. Postponement or cancellations should be made by PHONE: 818-468-5011.

Also, I shoot using natural light, so if rain's expected, I'll check in on the morning of your shoot to give us a window of time (usually an hour or so past our original start time) to see if heavy overcast has cleared and we can proceed. Otherwise, we will postpone to our next available date. This seldom happens, but is important to note. Sun's key to illuminating your eyes and authenticating your skin tone.